Controlling Those Pesky Pests

Controlling Those Pesky Pests

As you and your family are spending more time at home lately, have you been enjoying your outdoor space? Or have the mosquitoes and other pests been a bugger lately? 

Tom is our lawn care guy – he heads up all the things related to lawn care! Anything from lawn applications and landscape installations to pest control and everything in-between. Our goal, as always, is to make sure your outdoor space is a place where you can relax and enjoy your time with friends and family! So, ask us questions – about pests, about needing your lawn reseeded, etc. We are here to help you process what you’re finding in your backyard!

This blog has some facts about pest control and the current top two pests: Spotted Lanternfly [SLF] and mosquitoes!

Did you know that Spotted Lanternflies do not bite or sting? They are are actually attracted to and impact, agricultural crops such as grapes, hops, and hardwoods.

The SLF egg masses attach to trees, walls and other surfaces. The young nymphs are dark in color and feed on soft plant tissue. Once they turn into mature nymphs, they turn red after molting while continuing to feed. Winged adults fly from tree to tree to feed, breed and lay eggs and the cycle repeats itself. Therefore, effective treatment is needed.

The treatment is a simple spray that is safe and efficacious. It dries quickly so playing in your outdoor space can resume swiftly.

The PA Department of Agriculture recommends you inspect your vehicle, trailer, or any other outdoor items, especially if you are in a quarantined area.  If you see a SLF, report it here!

Mosquitoes are a pest because of their bite and how quickly they can spread diseases. The good news is that we have a treatment regiment that is completed every three weeks to stay on top of the mosquito eggs.

The treatment is quite simple; it goes on as a spray and the drying process only takes 20-30 minutes following the application.

As a reminder; it is always a good idea to check and eliminate any standing water in your outdoor space regularly (i.e. sandboxes, bird baths, children’s toys, tires, buckets, etc.) as that attracts mosquitoes and provides them a place to lay their eggs.

Although mosquitoes like standing water to lay their eggs, they don’t need much of it! Mosquitoes only need 1/4″ (bottle cap) of water to lay their eggs. This is why it is important to not have such water around your property.

If you are now thinking about the water feature you have in your yard, don’t worry – water features are not standing water as they are filtered through continuously. However, if you have a water feature on your property or reside near a body of water – we would recommend getting the mosquito treatment.

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Have you found SLF in your outdoor space? Do you notice all the mosquitoes when you are trying to enjoy time in your backyard?

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