Pest Control

It is time to start enjoying your yard – without the pests!

Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate with our trained professionals. We have various pest control options to choose from to get you back to loving your outdoor space. We strive to provide the best services for our customers and these products allow us to do that.

When it comes to contact pest control applications; we stand behind a product that allows us to remove more pests with one, safe, product! Look below for details on our spotted lanternfly and mosquito contact pest control applications.

Spotted Lanternfly Contact Insect Control – If spotted lanternfly are your biggest pest – the contact insect control is for you! This treatment also provides protection against mosquitoes, ticks, stink bugs, fleas, and ants.

Treatments are April through October and completed on a three-week interval. We recommend following this treatment plan to keep up with the pests during the warmer temperatures!

Allow 30 minutes for the application to dry before allowing children and pets on the treated areas. Once dry the material will not wash off the treated vegetation.

Mosquitoes Contact Insect Control – If mosquitoes are keeping you out of your yard – this treatment is the one you are looking for! Treatments are April through October and completed on the same three-week interval as the spotted lanternfly contact treatments.

The drying process is also the same; 30 minutes for the application to dry before allowing children and pets on the treated areas. What we love about the contact treatments is that it provides protection against a variety of other pests.

Spotted Lanternfly Systemic Insecticide

This treatment is completed during the summer months to select trees on a client’s property to control lanternfly adults.

The insecticide solution is applied to the lower 4′-5′ of the tree trunk. It will be absorbed by the tree and transported throughout the tree. It will then kill the lanternflies when they feed on the tree. Speed of control will be dependent on tree size, tree health, environmental conditions, and how actively the pests are feeding. Under normal conditions control may be evident in 1-3 weeks after the application is made.

Professional lawn services like pest control and weed control can help make sure your lawn stays green and healthy all year long.

We offer a variety of solutions for proper care and protection of your lawn. Our certified and knowledgeable lawn care team can evaluate the unique circumstances of your lawn and recommend a management program best suited for your lawn’s specific needs.

Outdoor pest control services are weather dependent and we follow a schedule to provide the best results.