A Blog About Planters

A Blog About Planters

The title speaks for itself so - let's dig right in!

We love designing planters and gardens as it allows us to create something specifically for each customer with colorful flowers that boost the joy factor and curb appeal of their home. What makes planters special is that they can actually be created for any of the seasons or holidays [see below for our favorite Fall and Christmas planters] and they are super easy to maintain!

When you contact us for a seasonal planter, this is what you can expect –

You’ll speak with Tammy [who is our HR mananger + plant lady]. The two of you will talk about planter design [flowers, colors, etc] and timeline of when you’re wanting the job completed by. Each planter can be made uniquely so, have fun with the tones of colors used! Planters and window boxes can be that manageable, instant “flower bed” you’ve been wanting.

Whether you are wanting a planter for the Spring and Summer or just to connect.

Contact us at the information below – we’d love to hear from you!

717-285-2750 | info@indianrunlandscaping.com

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