Landscape Design

A fresh new landscape design is a great way to invest in your home!

Redesigning your landscaping or adding new landscaping is a great way to invest in your home and build its value. Our landscape designs are modern and stand above the competition! With highly advanced computer software programs we can bring your dream to a visual reality!

Our design process starts with an initial meeting; where we discuss your wants and needs for your landscaping. We then give feedback to help answer questions and give input to help expand on your ideas. Our designer will also take detailed notes, measurements and pictures to use with one of our highly advanced computer programs to construct your ideas into a visual picture.

Our designs are easy to understand because they’re a 3D rendering of your home! No more looking at flat blue prints with legends and colored circles to try to see your landscaping.

Seeing an actual picture of what your new landscape design makes it easy for you to get a real idea of what your project could look like. Our designer will work with you; sending preliminary images and asking for input and questions you might have about the design.

Then, we make any revisions necessary to make sure you love the finished design. Our designer will then set up a time to present the final design to you along with the proposal for us to complete the landscape installation.  You will also receive plant information sheets on all the plants in your design which include the picture, size, growth rate, maintenance, care and season changes of the plant.

Our fee for design work is a minimum of $600.00, any additional is based on the square footage of the areas to be designed. We charge a fee for our designs because once we present it to you it is yours to keep whether we complete the installation or not. This is especially helpful if you are looking to compare pricing on a specific project.  If you have the project already designed that means you’re comparing pricing on the same project, instead of 5 different prices for 5 different ideas that each landscaper comes up with.

Our designers are very knowledgeable and experienced in their fields and they love helping customers invest in their homes!