Benefits of Snow in Your Garden

Benefits of Snow in Your Garden

Did Mother Nature just say “JK” to Spring?

This is not the time of year we like to say “Let It Snow”.  Just a few weeks ago we were enjoying a beautiful warm preview to spring!  Just kidding, get ready for Winter Part 2!  While the Daffodils and Crocuses are popping up, the Northeast is getting ready for a potentially “crippling”  nor’easter!

Here’s a positive outlook on the upcoming negative weather report.

There are some benefits to snow in your garden.  Did you know snow can act like a blanket for our dormant plants and frozen soil?  When it lays over the surface of the ground and on top of the plant roots, it can actually help to insulate them from freezing rain, or wind and cold air.

Snow also brings natural nutrients to the soil.  When snow falls it captures atmospheric nitrogen, bringing a natural fertilizer boost to your plants and shrubs.

Snow is also a great form of watering for plants and soil.  It melts and permeates the ground slowly, unlike a rain storm that comes too quickly and just runs off the surface because it is too much all at once.  (TIP: Because of this, ice cubes are a great way to water indoor plants, or small seedlings that are just starting to grow. Using a water bucket or hose can expose the plant roots when pouring it.)  If you don’t use an ice melting chemical you can clear sidewalks and driveways by shoveling the snow right onto your flower beds. Adding a little extra protection until it’s all gone.

So, let it snow!  Relax with a warm cup of hot cocoa, watch a movie to pass the time and remember, Spring will arrive!  While it takes its time, think about what you want to plant next.

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