DIY Yard Spring Clean-up

DIY Yard Spring Clean-up

It's about that time to get your yard ready for Spring!

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of February, and it feels like spring has already arrived with Mother Nature giving us a nice preview!

When the first few days of warmth arrives, we are eager to get outside. That is until we see what Old Man Winter has done to the yard!  While you’ve been cooped up inside staying cozy by the fireplace, the winter “blues” have been wreaking havoc on your lawn and landscape!

If you are in the mood for attempting to tackle your own “spring clean-up”, here are some of the basics to help you out.

Here’s what you’ll need:  a good rake, gloves, pruners, large trash/yard bags, and a wheelbarrow. You may need more equipment, but these are the basics.

~ Rake up dead leaves, trash and debris from the lawn, landscape beds and the base of plants and shrubs.

~ Prune away dead branches from trees and shrubs.

~ Cut back ornamental grasses and spent perennials.

Note: Pruning and trimming is not a “one size fits all” task.  Make sure you know the specific needs for what you have planted in your yard.

~ Thin out overcrowded beds and transplant to bare areas. (Transplanting may need to wait until the threat of frost is gone.)

~ Pull weeds from flower bed areas.  This is a good time to stay ahead of the game now while the soil is soft and the weeds are small.

~ Prep your lawn for seeding by removing damaged grass due to salt, plows or disease to prepare for seeding.

You essentially want to release the lawn and landscape that has been suffocating throughout the winter, allowing it to get oxygen and sunlight for its rebirth!  This also helps to prevent root rot, mold and insects from doing damage.

You may also want to consider aerating your lawn to allow for better movement of water, fertilizer and air to stimulate growth.  Testing the soil’s pH will help you know what treatment your lawn needs for the upcoming season.

Do you have a plan for the removal of all that yard waste?

Check with your refuse company about removal of yard waste.  Some will take it, but some won’t.

Here are some other options:

Leaves can be mulched with a mower and be used as a weed barrier in your flower bed or vegetable garden.  You can also make your own compost pile, or find a compost drop off in your community.

Easy-Peasy right?

Just in case all this outdoor fun gets to be a bit overwhelming, don’t worry, we can help!

We are currently scheduling Spring Clean-ups.Not only do we have the perfect team to tackle your Spring clean-up needs, we also take all the “junk” with us and take it to our own compost pile!

Happy Spring!

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