Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization

Is the grass in your yard thin, spotty and dry?
Is your lawn being dominated by weeds?
Does pest control present a concern?
This blog is all about the importance of lawn fertilization and keeping with the 5-Step program we offer at Indian Run Landscaping.

So, let’s dig right in!

We recommend starting off with soil testing to ensure proper PH management and fertilization. By testing the soil, our team of professionals can gather the necessary information to create a course of action and recommend the fertilization program best for your lawn. This treatment is what will help create and maintain a healthy lawn.
 That course of action includes our 5-step regimented lawn fertilization treatment program.
           1- Crab Grass               2- Spring Broad Leaf            3-Grub Control and Insects
4- Fall Broad Leaf               5- Winterizer
We recommend following this regiment because without these five steps, there could be negative effects on your lawn.

By having a healthy lawn, it will then be stronger, overcome drought quicker, and survive those pesky pests and diseases faster! Having thick, healthful grass will help keep the weeds away and they will be less likely to take over your lawn.
The time of year that each treatment is completed is important!
SPRING | Crab Grass Spring Broad Leaf     SUMMER | Grub Control     FALL | Fall Broad Leaf & Winterizer

Give us a call (717-285-2750) to schedule with our licensed professionals today! This is the perfect time of year to get on the calendar for next season and start the year off right by treating your lawn!

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