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All About Aerating & Overseeding

As you might have guessed, this blog is focused on aerating and overseeding which are two processes that go hand in hand with our five-step lawn treatment program!
This is the time of year we like to inform (and recommend) about lawn aeration and overseeding your lawn to help restore it to good health for the next season. Early autumn is the perfect time for fall overseeding; to heal cool-season lawns that have been damaged by summer drought, diseases, lawn damaging insects or foot traffic.
All cool season grass should be overseeded every fall to keep it thick and lush. Unlike warm season grasses, the cool season grasses found in our area (fescue, rye and bluegrass) do not reseed themselves. Aerating and overseeding each fall will ensure that your shade lawn stays looking its very best year after year.

We aerate the lawn to ensure the seed and soil have contact with each other as the germination of the grass seed is dependent on this interaction. Aeration is a procedure where the top 2-3 inches of the lawn has cores of soil pulled from it and deposited back on top of the lawn surface. As the soil cores break down, they provide the perfect seed to soil contact for the new turf grass to grow.
This will also help to loosen the hard-compact soil allowing air, water, and nutrients (fertilization) to reach your lawn’s root zone. It can also help any thatch to decompose properly, preventing it from becoming a problem.
Thatch is a layer of mingled dead and living organic matter that builds up between the green vegetation and soil surface.
Overseeding is the process of spreading premium cool season grass seed over the entire lawn. This process helps fill in areas of turf damaged by summer stress, diseases or insects. Additionally, it helps thicken and increase the density of lawns and improves the lawns overall appearance and enhances its ability to fight damaging insects and diseases.

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