How Often Should I Mow?

How Often Should I Mow?

How Often Should I Mow?

Have you been wondering how often you should mow your lawn? In this blog, we have them answers for you as well as additional tips for keeping your lawn hydrated and healthy.

During the spring season; it is important to mow once a week to keep the grass at a length that will not allow bugs to make home in long grasses.

However, during the summer months when there is less rain, lawns do not always need to be mowed as often. There is a balance of keeping your grass at a height that is not too short, to avoid scalping the grass, and not to long.

Did you know, grass roots will only grow as deep as the length of the blade of grass?

Cool season grasses (which are those planted in our climate) should not be cut shorter than three inches. Keeping the grass at a healthy length is especially crucial when the weather turns hot and dry.  The taller grass help to shade the ground by keeping it cooler and conserving moisture. And, as Scotts explains, the longer roots reach down for moisture even on the driest of days.

It is important to keep your lawn watered regularly during extended dry periods. We recommend watering the grass 2-3 times a week and this can be done by using a sprinkler.

However, for new grass, it is important to water more frequently. For the first few weeks, new grass should be watered daily for 30 minutes. Additionally, you will want to keep in mind that it is best to water in the early morning or late evening as the temperature is cooler than the middle of the day.

Here are a few other lawn mowing tips:

  • Keep the blades of your lawn mower sharpened.
  • Adjust the height of your mower throughout the season.
  • Mow when the grass is dry to avoid grass clogging your mower.

Do you have questions about your lawn? Is your lawn needing fertilized? Contact us today for a free estimate and click here for more information about our lawn care services.

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