To Rake or Not to Rake

To Rake or Not to Rake

To Rake or Not to Rake?

That’s the question.

Grass needs air and sunlight to survive. If there are thick layers of leaves covering the grass, plus the wetness of frost and snow, the lawn has a greater chance of developing mold.

Snow mold affects cool-season grasses primarily and one way to help prevent snow mold is make sure there are not large piles of leaves on your lawn.

Our goal is always to practice and promote good lawn health.

If you choose to not clean up the leaves from your lawn, we recommend using your mower to mulch the leaves. This way, the leaves are smaller in size and easier to decompose. You will want to be able to see the grass through the layer of mulched leaves.

Following seasonal clean-up jobs; the leaves that we collect from a property are brought back to our shop. Next, they are composted along with other landscape waste. The finished compost is then used as fertilizer on our Christmas tree farm.

If you want to read more about snow mold, check out Scotts article here.

We hope you are having a wonderful autumn season. And, if you need help getting your property ready for the winter; contact us today.

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