Next year is here!

Next year is here!

Here we are the winter of 2018, and so far, we’ve already had snow along with very cold temperatures!  Cabin fever has set in.  I don’t know about you, but I’m already ready for Spring!

I believe most people would agree that when it snows, they do enjoy the beauty of it.  That is until the clean-up begins!  It sure is beautiful, but as the sun starts to peak through the clouds and starts melting the snow, we are given the shocking visions of what lies beneath, (and I don’t just mean where you let the dog out)!

Remember last year when your brain was waking up from the winter slumber and you started thinking about warmer days and spending time outside on your new patio?  At least you thought about how nice it would be.  Spring came and went and by the time Summer came around, there were way too many ‘projects’ for you to tackle!  Your brain then shifted to maybe next year!
Well, next year is here!

Start your design early!

Maybe you’re thinking, winter isn’t the right time of year to think about a patio?  Actually, this is the perfect time of year to set your goals on getting that patio or outdoor living space you’ve always wanted!  Once your design is finished you can get your project scheduled.  Before you know it, warmer weather is here, and you’ll be getting ready to enjoy your patio, this year!

Design and build by Indian Run Landscaping 201

Don’t have a repeat of last year’s procrastination!  Visit our website to see more of our completed projects and schedule your appointment today!

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