Now Is The Time // Trimming & Pruning

Now Is The Time // Trimming & Pruning

Does your landscape need to be trimmed and pruned?

If the answer is “yes,” now is the time!

Our foreman have years of experience with hand pruning shrubs and power trimming. They attend trainings specifically for trimming and pruning. If we are unfamiliar with a certain plant we take the time to research what specifically is on your property to make sure we know how to properly prune it at the right time of year and using the correct technique.

We always clean up all the trimming debris and haul it away to make sure your property is left looking beautiful!

Trimming and pruning can take place during the spring and fall but, mid-summer is when most of the major trimming and pruning of shrubs and trees is completed. It’s important to wait until most of the shrubs are done pushing their new growth so that there’s less of a chance of them growing out too much after the trimming is done.

Trimming during the summer season helps to keep shrubs maintained to a manageable size so that they do not get too overgrown. Pruning or dead-heading perennials or flowering shrubs that are done blooming at this time of year can also help to encourage re-blooming. This helps you to get the most color out of your garden all summer!

Late May, early June is the best time to contact us for trimming and pruning jobs so we have time to complete a consultation, if necessary. Keeping your landscape well maintained is going to help the plants, trees, and shrubs thrive and we’re here to help!

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