Now Is The Time // Pond Cleanouts

Now Is The Time // Pond Cleanouts

Now is the time to join us for our new blog series!

Throughout the year, there are times better than others for certain landscape services to be completed. Our new, “Now is the Time” blog series, will hopefully, give you more insight on when that time is so you’re ready to reach out when the service you have been needing is featured.

The Susquehanna Valley has had a chilly and wet spring season, thus far. We have been thankful for the random sunny, warm days and even though the weather hasn’t been consistent – we have been! Consultations, creating designs, installations, and maintenance have been our day to day and continue to be.

Now is the time for pond cleanouts!

“Spring is an important time to get your pond ready for the entire year.” (Aquascape Lifestyle Magazine, 2023). As the weather starts to warm up, the plants begin to bloom, and your water garden starts coming back to life. This is when it is important to clean and ensure all the parts of the pond are working properly. If you already have a pond in your outdoor space, you know the peaceful sounds a pond can bring. And, you also know that keeping your pond regularly maintained is the best way to keep it running smoothly.

If your water garden is located nearby trees and bushes, there may be leaves and debris that end up in the water. Additionally, simply having fish and plants in the pond can also cause a buildup.

To help keep your pond clean, healthy and operating properly we recommend pond maintenance. This is where we come in! Our foremen have experience installing and maintaining water gardens. We are always ready to serve you in this capacity.

This week, our crew completed a spring pond cleanout and got some behind the scenes photos of the job for you.

To start, the fish are placed in a holding tank to keep them safe during the pond cleaning process. Then, the pond water is pumped out and we power wash, clean filters. This allows us to remove all the debris and ensure the aquatic plants are trimmed, if needed.

Next, the pond is refilled. We then add the necessary nutrients back to the water, return the fish to their home, and restart the system. We always make sure all the parts to the pond are back in their places and working properly.

Now is the time for pond maintenance so your water garden is ready for the upcoming seasons. Visit our website for more information on water gardens and contact us today to get on our calendar for your pond cleanout!

Comment below if you have a pond on your property. What’s your favorite thing about ponds?


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