Pool Equipment Screening

We recently completed a couple of fun projects that updated the esthetic in multiple areas of the outdoor space. The first project, of the two, was a renovation of a new pool screening area with an installation of a hand constructed fence from our foreman. The second part of the project was cleaning up the stepping stones and installing new tread on the porch step.

For the pool screening renovation; we started by removing the yews and the other existing shrubs.  Our foreman then constructed and installed a paneled fence with gate that resembled the neighbors fence so it was more visually appealing. Our foreman custom made the fence, the crew then painted, and added the hardware. Following the completion of the fence; new flagstone, plants and mulch were installed.

By having the pool equipment screened in, it creates some separation when the outdoor space is being used & now is aesthetically pleasing.

The stepping stone walkway was then cleaned up so the full stone was visible. This walkway leads from the porch to the pool area.

We hope the homeowners continue to love their updated outdoor space. If you are wanting to schedule a free consultation of your own; it’s easy to do – directly on our website!