Fall Leaf Clean Up

Fall Leaf Clean Up

Its fall again... that means it’s time for leaf clean ups!

Making sure your leaves are cleaned up ensures that your lawn and plants will stay healthy as long as possible into the cool season months. If your leaves are not cleaned up properly they may cause mildew or diseases to grow in your mulch and lawn over winter.

We have efficient lawn care crews who can help get your lawn and landscape beds cleaned up in no time! We can customize your fall clean up schedule to make sure it fits within your budget and suits your needs; and still keep your home looking beautiful throughout the autumn season! Our crews use high powered blowers to clean out any flowerbeds or other areas where leaves might collect, then we use our, top-of-the-line, professional bagging mowers to clean up and remove the leaves from your lawn. We can also cut back the perennials and do any other necessary trimming.

We have many options for scheduling clean ups, including: weekly clean ups, bi-weekly clean ups, “as needed” clean ups or just one final fall clean up before the holidays. Give us a call or send us an email today for more information on pricing.

To help answer more questions please check out this article from Angie’s List. Why hire a lawn care company for leaf removal?

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