Have your lawn fertilizing done by a professional at Indian Run Landscaping!

Is your lawn thin, filled with weeds, or being destroyed by pests? If your lawn has too high or too low a soil pH and poor fertilization, it will become thin. The bare areas in a thinning lawn are where weeds grow best, eventually they can take over your entire yard.

Soil testing is the key to proper pH management and fertilization. Soil tests help to provide a proper course of action for fertilization and liming to establish and maintain your grass.

Common lawn fertilizers and their purpose:

Nitrogen is the nutrient that helps keep the leaf of the grass green. It should be supplied in order to favor the desired grass species growth.

Phosphorus fertilization increases seedling strength and is one factor in reducing invading weeds in newly established lawns.

Potassium is necessary for lawn growth and development. It helps the grass grow faster, be more drought resistant, fight off disease, resist pests, and grow stronger.

Lime should be applied when the soil is too acidic. If your soil has too low a pH level, it could lead to deficiencies in your lawn’s nutrient system including, low calcium, magnesium, or phosphorus. It can also increase amounts of aluminum and manganese, so much that it may kill to your grass. Liming improves plant nutrient availability and reduces toxicity problems in acid soils.

It’s important to make sure you hire a professional to fertilize on your lawn, because if not applied properly it may also cause negative effects on your grass, flowerbeds and plants. Our staff is certified and knowledgeable of the correct practices and procedures for proper lawn fertilization.

We can sample your soil and have it tested to recommend a fertilizing program to provide the proper nutrition for your lawn. With proper nutrition your lawn will be stronger and healthier, helping it to overcome drought stress quicker. A healthy lawn will also be able to survive attacks from insects and diseases better. Thick, healthy grass will help to keep the weeds from taking over your lawn as well. Let Indian Run Landscaping help to keep your lawn strong and healthy.