Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Lanternfly

We are sure you have heard of those pesky insects called Spotted Lanternfly [SLF], as they have been big news around the Commonwealth!

So, where did they come from?

The Spotted Lanternfly or Lycorma Delicatula (White), is an aggressive plant hopper, native to China, India, and Vietnam.

In 2014 – the Spotted Lanternfly made an appearance in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  Since then this nuisance pest has impacted surrounding counties and other states, creating quarantine zones and mandatory awareness training for certain businesses.

Here are some facts and what to look for:

Young nymphs are born dark in color and are about the size of a tick.

As they mature they turn into a dark red color with white spots.

Winged adult SLF fly from tree to tree to feed, breed, and lay eggs.

Egg masses are attached to trees, walls, and other surfaces.

Spotted Lanternfly are attracted to and impact, agricultural crops such as grapes, hops, and hardwoods.

Random fact – SLF do not bite or sting!

The PA Department of Agriculture recommends you inspect your vehicle, trailer, or any other outdoor items (chairs, mowers, grills, etc.) – especially if you are in a quarantine area. Additionally, try to avoid parking along tree lines and always keep your windows rolled up. If you see a SLF report it here!

Spotted Lanternfly can be removed with a combination of physical removal and pesticide applications. We are ready to help you protect your home and property from these troublesome pests. Call or click here to schedule an estimate today!

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