Simple + Stylish Gardening Sheds

Simple + Stylish Gardening Sheds

The Susquehanna Valley had a low-key winter but despite that, we are ready for the sunshine and warmer weather.

With springtime comes gardening and the all trending – simple gardening shed!

This blog will show some different ideas plus, hopefully, provide inspiration so you can add your own style and create the gardening shed of your dreams!

Better Homes & Gardens interviewed John Hickey, who is a senior designer at Summerwood Products about his number one tip for building a gardening shed. Hickey suggests to plan ahead and actually put some thought into what you want out of your shed.

Will your shed be used to store lawn mowers and shovels as well as all of your gardening tools or are you simply wanting a potting shed? Gardening and potting sheds can provide much more then storage when they are designed for their functionality. If there is a structure in your yard, aren’t you going to want that to be overflowing with design and practicality?

Check out these ideas for design and storage inspiration from Better Homes & Gardens.

Whether your style is natural, classic, colorful or you like the unique and antique look – there is a design idea for everybody! Once you know your style and what you are wanting to get out of your shed, you can think about storage organization and if you want a potting bench or just a hooks and shelves.

What’s fun about reading articles for inspiration is that you can pick and choose from multiple styles as no one person [or potting shed] is the same. Maybe you want your shed tailored to resemble your house or maybe you want it to totally stand out! Remember, have fun with the process and make it original!

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