VLS Landscape Renovation

We completed this commercial landscape renovation at VLS Environmental Solutions. The side of their warehouse got a landscape refresh with planting, edging, and mulching. Plus the installation and reroute of a rainspout with a dry river bed.
Each plant, we install, is done so with an organic fertilizer. This project consisted of  multiple Viburnum Leatherleaf, Blue Princess Holly, Hydrangeas, and Daylilies among other beautiful plants. All plants are then watered well, the landscape beds are raked and premium mulch is laid. The pipe was painted brown to blend in with the mulch and we used Delaware River Gravel for the dry river bed.
This project only took two days but, will make a much longer positive impact for those at VLS and the curb appeal of the property.
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Suppliers: Kreider’s Mulch, Hubers Nurseries, Mountain Springs Nursery & Lowe’s Home Improvement