Rain Garden & Pathway Planting

Our team enjoyed working with the family to bring their rain garden to life! It was a fun project to complete starting with the design, all the way to the installation.

We first excavated and brought in topsoil mix to build the rain garden. When planting we always use an organic fertilizer to help the plants flourish. For the rain garden, we planted Winterberry Red Sprite, Winterberry Jim Dandy, Artic Fire Dogwood, two varieties of Coneflowers, 54 of the Big Blue Liriope, and a few other plants that will thrive in this environment. Then, we topped the garden with a premium mulch.

Along the cabana, we created a pathway and installed steppingstones. Delaware gravel was installed in-between the stones. Next, for the planting, we needed to layout the flower bed and define its edge. Once completed, we planted Inkberry Gem Box, Hydrangea Endless Summer, Daylilies “Happy Returns”, among others. Organic fertilizer and premium mulch were also used as well for this portion of the project.

We hope the homeowners continue to enjoy their updated outdoor space. And, if a rain garden is something you have been thinking about for your own property; schedule a free consultation today!