One Property, Multiple Hardscape Renovations

We have completed multiple hardscape renovations at this property over the past few years. Not only is it an absolute pleasure working for the homeowners but, some of our favorite projects have also been here.

Natural stone has been the name of the game! With both the step and front stoop projects, the installation of natural stone stole the show. Take a look through the gallery for before, during, and after photos of the initial natural stone step installation, patio removal and grading, and the stoop step renovation.

As you can see from the before picture, the existing stairway  needed to be removed prior to starting the installation of the natural stone stairway. Once the tear out was complete, our crew got to work and began prepping the ground for the next step. Piece by piece the custom stone slabs were laid resulting in the beautiful stairway that you see in the finished pictures below.

The steel railing was a custom design by Steel Expression and welded to the exact specifications needed for this project.

Earlier this year, we removed the existing paver patio that was in the courtyard. We assessed the area and made any necessary repairs to the drain spouts and under the courtyard. Lastly, for this project, we installed crushed stone to the area to bring it up to the desired grade.

Our most recent project at this property was the stoop renovation.

Our crew began by removing the original concrete slab that was the step. Next, crushed stone was installed to create the beginning of a base. Three Buff stone steps were then installed in place of the the slab that was removed.
And, a path of flagstone was installed to connect the new steps to the existing walkway.

Suppliers: Penn Stone, Musser Supply, & Steel Expressions

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