Backyard Planting & Mulching


This backyard renovation of planting and mulching turned out wonderfully.

During the design phase and our installation crew always keeps in touch and discusses design, plants, and layout with the homeowners. To start the installation phase, our lead foreman and homeowner discussed the bed layout.

Next, begins the labor of removing the current vegetation within the new bed areas, using the edger to define and create deep, smooth edges.  Then, our crew installed a variety of plants including; a few Otto Luyken Cherry Laurel, two “Yuki Cherry Blossoms”, Skip Laurel, a Pragense Viburnum, a variety of Winterberry, Coneflowers, and Blackeye Susans. As always, the job is finished off with the laying of premium mulch and watering the freshly updated landscape.

We hope the homeowners are loving their renovated outdoor space.

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