Plant Care Tips

Plant Care Tips

Plant Care Tips

You asked. We listened. Plant and watering tips coming in hot!

We wanted to give you details so your plants, indoors and out, can thrive. Not only is beautiful foliage eye appealing, there are also many health benefits to having a yard, or home, full of plants; such as lowering your stress levels, increasing your ability to concentrate, improving air quality and more.

When we install new plants for our clients, we like to help as much as we can to ensure their investment will be established into a beautiful landscape.

# of Weeks Plant Type How Often How Much
1st Week Perennial 3x/week 8-16 oz.
Shrub 2x/week 16-32oz.
2nd-4th Week Perennial 2x/week 8-16oz.
Shrub 1x/week 16-32oz.
After 4th Week Perennial 1x/week 8-16 oz.
Shrub 1x/10 days 16-32 oz.

Pro tips:

  • Watering should be done from a slowly trickling hose, a soaker hose or a bucket with a small hole in the bottom of it.
  • Any stabilizing stakes and arbor tie must be removed after one year.
  • Follow these guidelines if a long rain doesn’t occur during the weeks after plants are planted. A sufficient rain would be ½” for perennials & 1” shrubs and trees (measured with a rain gauge).
  • Be careful not to overwater.
  • If the plants get a good soaking rain they will require minimal watering.
  • If remembering to water your plants (or freshly seeded lawn), is difficult, try setting an alarm reminder on your phone.

Houseplant tips from BioAdvanced:

  • Choose the right size container.
  • Use a good quality potting soil.
  • Water frequently and properly.
  • Keep the foliage clean.

Are you ready for a fresh, updated landscape? We do all of our landscape design, installations, and maintenance in house and we would love to work with you. Contact us today!

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