Earth Day 2020 – Social Distancing Style

Earth Day 2020 – Social Distancing Style

We love getting to appreciate the beautiful creation around us and are grateful to work in it daily.

Did you know…2020 will be the 50th anniversary of Earth Day?

To celebrate, we had put together a short list of events going on in the Central Pennsylvania area – but due to the Covid 19 guidelines set forth by the federal & state governments and the practice of social distancing, it obviously makes it difficult for group events to take place so this blog has shifted a bit!

With that said, despite lots of events and celebrations having to be cancelled due to the pandemic there is ONE virtual event that can take place a n y w h e r e making social distancing a breeze! If running, jogging or sprinting is really your thing – you can track your miles and help Lancaster “run” the length of the equator! Full details at the link below!

> 2020 Earth Day Run Challenge

April 2020 | Location: Indoors or Outdoors [Your choice!]

Making small changes such as using reusable water bottles, straws and grocery bags, plant some trees, or cleaning up liter in your neighborhood can add up and do make a difference!

April + Springtime + Sunshine

Three things that make us happy!

We love that we live [and work] in a county that has lots of parks, trails, picnic areas for fun with the family. If you’re wanting to read more about Earth Day, check out Lancaster County Magazine’s article here!

If you are ready to create a space at your house where you can enjoy the outdoors, give us a call, email or schedule a free estimate here and let’s talk about your landscape dreams!

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