Budgeting For Your Outdoor Projects Part II

Budgeting For Your Outdoor Projects Part II

When it comes to making big financial decisions, it is logical to plan, budget and make sure the money is there for whatever big-ticket item you are thinking about. Updating your outdoor space is no different – it takes some planning and budgeting.

This blog will give you some tips to help keep your wallet happy!

With whatever your end goal might be – an outdoor entertaining project usually starts with a patio!

So, for the sake of this blog, let’s begin there!

With any design project there are many things to think about, so creating a wish list will not only be beneficial to you, but it will also let the professionals know what your project priorities are.

Some things to think about …

+ Are you wanting to use your outdoor area to entertain family gatherings and parties?
+ Are you wanting to extend your entertaining space to a swimming pool or hot tub?
+ Do you want the patio to be raised or sunken in?
+ Do you have existing stairs to get to the patio from the house, or will they need to be built in?
+ Do you want add-ons (now or at a later date) such as:

  • Fire pit
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Seating wall
  • Pergolas or gazebos
  • Outdoor lighting

Where do you begin once you have decided to make your dream into a reality?

 Here is what the process looks like when you choose to work with IRL.

Step 1: Decide what your budget range will be for your project. Gather ideas for your project.  Pictures gathered from magazines or the web are great to help convey your desired outcome to the design professional. When it comes to patios, there are various finishing materials that you can choose from such as natural stone or pavers. These materials vary in price so again – it is important to have your wish list and budget prepared so we know how to best move forward cost effectively with your project.

Step 2: Schedule as consultation with our design professional.

Step 3: Our designer would meet with you at your home to discuss your project.

At this meeting:

  • You will be asked to describe your end goal and your individual preferences.
  • You will be asked for a budget range that you would like the designer to work within.
  • The designer will give you a design contract listing what you will receive with your professional design and the price for the design work. 50% of this fee would be required to begin the design with the remainder due when the design is presented.

Step 4: Our designer will then create a design and plan to achieve your goal. By having your budget range, our designer will choose the best materials to achieve your goals within your budget. The designer might also break the project into phases to better fit your budget.

Step 5: Upon completion of the design, an appointment would be made to present the design to you.

Included in your design portfolio will be:

  • A professional design. Depending on the scale and complexity of the project this could be a hand draw design, a digital image, or a digital 3D model.
  • Construction diagrams.
  • Information on materials and plants used in the design.
  • A list of references from clients who have had similar project completed by IRL.
  • A detailed proposal for IRL to complete this project for you.

The designs would be reviewed with you and revised if needed.

The design packet is yours to keep upon payment of the remaining design fee.

Step 6: Upon acceptance of our proposal for the project, we would need a signed contract and a 50% deposit.  We would then add the work to our schedule and begin ordering the necessary materials and supplies.

If you are interested in more details about patios and outdoor projects, check out our Outdoor Living blog here.

Additional Tips

The Nest recommends determining an amount you are willing to invest in a patio or outdoor living project. Then created a list using separate columns to put must have items you are wanting now, another column for items that you could substitute for as cost savers and a list of add on projects or purchases that could wait for a later date.

If you are planning to purchase patio furniture, a grill or planters – don’t forget to add them to one of your columns.

You can read the full blog from The Nest here. And if you have any other budgeting tips or questions – feel free to share them on social media, in the comments below or give us a call!

When you are ready to begin making that dream a reality call (717-285-2750) or schedule online here. We are more than happy to help get your budgeted project underway!

And if you are interested in reading the first part of this two-part series -click here!

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